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Related post: Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 nymphet lolita top 100 06:57:47 -0500 From: A N Subject: "On lolita cp pedo vixen shy lolitas cp site the Beach - part 1"Disclaimer: Fiction is fiction, reality requires protection. Please practice safer sex!!My first fictional posting. Hope you enjoy!On the Beach - part 1 By Nude Beach FanI felt a little silly in my new swim trunks. I'd never worn them in public before. They were fitted, like boxer briefs, when real pedo lolita top most guys were wearing those baggy board shorts that illegl lolita virgins pix hang down past their knees. But I was by myself, and the beach was a couple hours from the university, so I didn't expect to see fresh young dolls lolita anyone from campus. Still, I quickly found a young nude lolitas nymphets spot away from the crowds, spread out my towel and stretched out to work on my tan.Well, I must have dozed off, because the next thing I knew, I felt teens stars magazine lolitas something bump against my leg. I sat up bbs dark lolita preteen and hardly noticed the frisbee lying on my towel, because of the lolita 8yr nude pics guy who came over to claim it. His white trunks showed off his swimmer's build and tan. His long curly surfer haircut, bleached by the sun, surrounded a lolita camel toe pics great smile and the greenest eyes I had ever seen. I snapped asian lolita pics 18yrs out of free gallery tpg lolitas my hot lollita girls pics daze when he asked for his frisbee back. I picked it up and pedo lola underage girls tossed it to him, wanting to prolong the moment, but unable to utter a word. He caught very young lolita porn it, looked at me again and said, "Thanks". As he turned to walk away, he glanced back at me and said "Nice suit".I'm sure I blushed redder than my suit, but he was walking away, so I hoped he didn't notice. I reached into my backpack for my water nude little lolita photos bottle, and sat there watching the play of his muscles as he top lolita preteen dark tossed top loli models sites the disk around with his buds.After a few minutes, one of his pals suggested hitting the swedish loli model pics snack bar. My surfer dude told them to "go ahead, I'll see you later". I quickly pretended to be looking out at the sexy top kds lolitas water, but glanced back over and caught his eye. He walked over and said, "Mind if I sit down?"As he sat down next to me, he said nude lolas preteens sites "I'm Rod"."Alan.""Nice to meet you Alan," and he ls magazine loli pics shook my hand. "Man, I dig that suit.""Thanks. I feel kinda silly, actually.""You shouldn't, you look great! You've got what it takes to top 100 lolitas tgp wear a fitted suit."I blushed again, even worse this time. He laughed, lolita news ls sites and that made me laugh.Then my jaw dropped when Rod said, "Do you think I could try it on?""What do you mean?" I little girl lolita tgp said."We can follow that path and go back in the dunes a little bit. We can switch there. C'mon, porn pedos small lolitas nobody will see us."I felt weird about the whole situation, I mean, I like to look at guys, but that's as hot sexy preteen lolitas far as it had ever gone before. I wasn't sure I was ready for this, but I really wanted to see him out of his suit, so I said okay."Lead the way", he said.We hiked up the path, which sloped upward for about 20 yards, then sloped back down as it loli flat boobs galleries went behind the rise. We stopped at a flat, sandy spot. "Maybe we should go a little further free lolita rape stories afican underage nude lolitas from the beach," I said."This is fine, nobody ever comes up here," he replied. I saw he had lolita preteen free samples been carrying my towel and backpack. 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Feeling his hard muscles pressing against mine nearly overwhelmed me, and I struggled to say "Aren't you going to try on little black lolitas pics my suit?""Maybe later," preteen loltia bear hug lolitas top 100 pics he whispered in my ear.I couldn't believe this was happening. Lying bbs loli cgi board naked in lolitas little asian sluts free children lolitas modeling the dunes with a guy that could have been a fitness model, who was in the process of sticking his tongue in lolitas 11yo nude photo my ear. I was helpless as my body started responding. He whispered in my ear, "Do you wanna suck my cock?" I intended nudist lolita model movie to say No, but the moan that ushered out of young illegal lolita sex my mouth clearly meant yes.Rod rolled onto his chan image board loli back, taking me with him so that I was on top of him. 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I couldn't believe the sensations. "OOohhhh" I moaned."Are you okay?" Rod lolita portal underage nude asked."Don't stop," I replied.To this day, I don't lil lola top 100 know how he managed it, but somehow Rod little nymphet preteen lolita rolled us over again so preteen lolita models galleries I was on top of him, sitting on his cock. I closed my eyes and started to lift and lower myself on his rock hard dick. "Oh, your ass is soo tight" moaned Rod.The sensations were so intense that I didn't hear the footsteps coming up the path. lolita young boys preteen Then I heard the sound of a couple guys laughing. I was preteen lolita having sex afraid to open my eyes, but was even more so when I heard one of them say "Hey, the guy on top is in my English class!""You're right, he lives in my dorm building, his name is Alan. How's it going, Alan?"I thought that had to be the worst thing I could hear, until I heard the clicking noise of the camera. I opened my eyes. I tiny kiddie nude lolitas saw it was two guys from the basketball team, casually lolita cum nymphet video snapping pictures of me lolita preteen ru pics naked with a cock up my ass."Please, what are you going to do with those pictures?" I super young nude lolita asked."Just relax foto gratis porno lolitas and we won't have illegal lolita dark list to little child lolita nude do anything with them." said the tall, italian guy.He leaned over and whispered in the shorter, redhead's ear, who quickly replied, "I'm in."The mixman bbs board loli guys pulled down their swimsuits to reveal their above average cocks. The redhead moved into position and shoved his cock in Rod's mouth. lolita girls blow jobs I sat there with Rod's boner up my ass, staring at Red's ass muscles flexing. "Lean forward, Jay" said the tall guy. I wondered why, but then felt a hand on lolita kids sex sites the back of my head, pushing me forward until my face was shoved into Jay's crack.From Rod's moaning, I could tell dark lolita kids 6yo he was still enjoying himself. But I was wondering what was next. I didn't have to wonder lolita photo art tgp long, however.I heard the noise of the aloe being squeezed out of the bottle. Then I felt it - a second cockhead pressing at the entry to my ass.
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